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An Upland Biography

An Upland Biography

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Gardom's Edge is an area of gritstone upland situated on the Eastern Moors of the Derbyshire Peak District. Like other parts of the Eastern Moors, Gardom's Edge has long been renowned for the wealth of prehistoric field systems, cairns and other structures which can still be traced across the surface. Drawing on the results of original survey and excavation, An Upland Biography documents prehistoric activity across this area, exploring the changing character of occupation from the Mesolithic to the Iron Age. It also tacks back and forth between local detail and regional patterns, to better understand the broader social worlds in which Gardom's Edge was set.


"Well written, the book is compulsive reading. It is well illustrated throughout, and features a series of excellent colour landscape photographs. Detailed appendices provide analysis of material culture identified through excavation, which work well with the individual chapters by offering detailed studies without losing the broader focus of discussion. This publication will be of interest to anyone engaged with later prehistoric archaeology or, more specifically, who appreciates the world-class archaeology of the uplands of Britain."
Gary Robinson
Current Archaeology (03/08/2017)